Thursday, 13 October 2016

Tahlia's Quiet Book - Grapes, Butterfles, Bee and Potato Head Pages

These next quiet book pages form the major part of Tahlia's quiet book. Most of them were gifts made by other people to contribute to Tahlia's book.

The grapes and butterfly pages were made for Tahlia by my sister. At the time, grapes were one of her favourite foods. The string is meant to be a caterpillar and it can be threaded through the hole it has eaten in the leaf. The leaf pattern came from Purl Soho, and the grapes were drawn by my Mum. The butterfly was made using a colouring in sheet printed from the internet, and the cocoon and tree were drawn by my brother-in-law.

The butterfly racing page was made by my awesome friend!  The butterfly buttons on the ribbons came from an op shop.  There is no pattern for this one, but you could probably use something like this flower printed out in a few different sizes.

This page was made as an extra for Tahlia while we were making my friend a book at her baby shower.  It was made by my friend's mum.  Thanks heaps!  The bee came from a $2 shop.  The hive pattern was made by Stephanie from Imagine Our Life, and the flowers are from Purl Soho.

My Mum put in an amazing effort into helping me finish these pages.  We did Mr Potato Head about three times over for two friends books as well.  Thanks so much Mum!! The template was made by Jocelyn from Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. The hats are reversible, some with a button on one side and not the other, and some with a patterned felt on the reverse. We also made two sets of eyes each, so there would be green, blue, brown and googly options.

I know the walking stick is meant to be a mustache, but this is for kids, right?

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