Monday, 29 February 2016

My Sister's Fairy Tale Book

This book was made by my sister for a friend's child.  She has some great ideas.  I hope you like it!

Front Cover:

The letter "O" pattern came from here. Happily, my sister's sewing machine does letters, so "upon a time" was written with that.

First and Second Page Spread:

The castle pieces are removable and rearrange-able.  The castle wall is a pocket.  She made her own Disney castle pattern, which she has generously allowed me to make available for you to download. She used one side of a gold zip to represent Tinkerbell. If she could have found a Tinkerbell trinket to add to the zipper head, that would have been awesome. It had to be one sided so that it would sew down around a curve easily. The cloud and moon page is a pocket to store the castle pieces.

Image Source

I have it in mind to modify the castle pattern and make a St Basil's type Russian/Eastern Orthodox Church for a Churches of the World Quiet Book. The problem is I can't think of many other ideas for the book... Please post any ideas you come up with below!

Third Page:

The Frog Prince's jewels are velcro-ed on, an idea she got from a page made for my neice, which I'll share with you later. His tongue has elastic sewn on the back so it can be stretched.  Although this version has been altered a little, you can buy the original frog pattern here.

Fourth Page:

Rapunzel's hair can be plaited and you can practice tying a bow with the ribbon.

Fifth Page:

Wardrobe for dress up princesses! Three outfits for a sewn down doll on the next page.

Sixth Page:

I think the dress up princesses look terrific, and the lace down the sides gives a boring page a luxury touch.

As you can see from the photos, the book has been bound with album rings and grommets.

Hope you enjoyed it!