Sunday, 29 January 2017

Car Travel Dice

Now you can roll dice in your car!

If you are taking a long trip with kids in the back, you can now play dice games...

I came up with a way to make rolling a die in the car easy and at the same time, difficult to loose. We recently went on a car trip, and as Tahlia is getting a little older now, she doesn't sleep a lot like she used to. She gets bored. At one stop there were various gum ball machines filled with small toys and trinkets packaged in small round plastic containers - apparently they are termed "toy capsules". They ensure the gum ball machine will function properly when the dial is turned. We bought one.

As the top half of the plastic is clear, it enables you to see through to what is inside. If you put a die or dice inside, you can shake, rattle and roll your way to a happy road trip! The dice are rolled in the comfort of your hand and no longer require a large flat surface to be turned out on. They also can't roll off the edge and into the Never Never. Of course they can still be dropped, but a plastic gum ball is quite larger than the dice and much easier to find in an overstuffed car.

I guess what I came up with is similar to the Pop-O-Matic function in a game of Trouble. Another re-invention of the wheel.

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You can sometimes find acorn capsules in gumball machines, which have a flat bottom, and would be slightly better for rolling more than one die. However, you could also use any plastic container you have on hand, such as an empty sippy cup or small kitchen food container.

Acorn capsules - Image Source

Although not all of these will work in a car, and for now Tahlia is happy just rolling, here is a link to a list of

9 Simple Dice Games for Kids for Ultimate FUN

Enjoy your next car trip 😍😃😌