Quiet Book Making Tips

Here are some tips and links which I found helpful in making my quiet books:

  • When sewing small fiddly pieces back to back, only cut out the top piece, then sew it onto a sheet of felt for the bottom. Cut it out after sewing it together using the top piece as a guide.  It is much easier to sew and keep from moving around that way. See a tutorial on Laura Thoughts here.
  • Unless you want a stand out effect, match your thread colour to your felt, or use a clear fishing twine type of thread available from sewing supply stores. Be careful though as it can be difficult to use this kind of thread.
  • When sewing small fiddly item, use the hand wheel on the side of your machine instead of the foot pedal so you can go slowly as you need.
  • How to Safely Dispose of Sewing Pins and Needles


  • Button hole binding by The Hawkins Family requires few extra supplies.
  • Cluck Cluck Sew has a great tutorial on how to sew binding on to a quilt.  Use the same method to finish page edges back to back when making a fabric quiet book. Here is a good YouTube clip by HeirloomCreations.
  • Watch a video of how to put the pages together once they have been finished with binding by Sorokina Irina here. Sorry its not in English.

  • An easy way to make quiet book pages, but there are some drawbacks.
  • Always remember to reverse the image, particularly if you are using words or want things to face a particular direction.  It will be reversed back again once you iron it onto your felt.
  • The felt will not stick to the background if you use a transfer for the background.  So it is best to use this method for pages where you intend to have movable parts or hidden things behind flaps, or on pages where you have sewn the background with felt so it will still stick.
  • Use an appropriate transfer paper. They come in transparent or opaque.  Transparent is best for use on white felt, whereas opaque can be used on any colour felt and the image can still appear white where needed e.g. on a face etc. 
  • Here is a good tutorial by Pam from Keeping Life Creative.
  • An example of using it to include writing in a quiet book An Interview With Brenda Dent - Devotions Through Play Quiet Book.




  • Aside from the usual Spotlight, Lincraft, and Hobby Sew, here are a few more links below...
  • JJ Davies & Sons Pty Ltd in Melbourne, and Felt Fabricating Pty Ltd in Adelaide, sell a range of wool designer felt, viscose decorative felt, synthetic craft felt, and self adhesive felt. They sell it as rolls, squares and scrap bags, which are ideal for arts and crafts and very affordable. See their website here.
  • Theo's Discount Crafts, also in Melbourne, sell quite cheap felt squares and a bunch of crafting supplies. They also publish their sale dates for the year ahead of time, which is awesome!

  • My local dump has a recycle center where they give away free clothes! You can find some very interesting buttons on clothes at the rubbish tip. You can also find material there occasionally too.

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