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Genesis 3 - The Fall of Adam and Eve Quiet Book Page

In Genesis chapter 3, Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Memory Verse: Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” Genesis 3:1

Materials needed to create The Fall of Adam and Eve quiet book page:

  • A4 felt background sheet. I used sky blue.
  • felt scraps
  • sewing thread to match
  • fabric paint (optional)
  • sew on press studs
  • a pipe cleaner
  • two black seed beads
  • thin ribbon scrap
  • a tree of the knowledge good and evil template - I used this wall hanging from Wee Folk Art
  • a tree of life template - I used the Autumn Oak Applique pattern also from Wee Folk Art
  • a printer / scanner
  • a laminator and lamination sheets or iron on transfer paper/sublimation printing and white stiffened felt

Image Source

For the Adam and Eve finger puppets, I used the workbook Bible Stories by Twin Sisters Productions, 2005. I printed and cut out around the outside of the puppets, but left the finger holes uncut, then laminated them. After laminating, I cut around each finger puppet again, and cut out the finger holes. I used a single craft hole punch to make a hole in the finger slots so I could get the scissors in. If you want them made from felt, you could use transfer paper and white stiffened felt, or have them sublimation printed onto felt and then back them with stiffened felt.

On your background sheet, arrange some green felt in the foreground to make grass and sew down.

Cut out a double layer of darker green felt in the shape of a bush. Decorate one piece with fabric paint flowers (or use flower buttons etc). Sew one side of two press studs to the back of the bush piece so they will fit between the finger holes of the finger puppets. Sew the two bush pieces together. Then sew the bush down in about the middle of the foreground along the bottom edge. Sew the other half of the two press studs to the background sheet so they line up with their respective studs on the bush. This is how you will store the finger puppets and stop them falling out of the quiet book when not in use.

Print and cut out your tree templates. You may have to reduce the size to make sure it fits to your page (sorry I can't remember whether I did or not as I made this page quite a while ago). I definitely reduced the size of the tree of life template so I could create a peek-a-boo flap. I didn't want the tree of life to seem boring compared to the tree of knowledge of good and evil! I just used one of the sections but straightened out one edge and turned it upside down. Use doubled felt for the flaps to strengthen them. Sew fruit down underneath the flaps.

For the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, sew down your leaf sections first. Double the felt for the trunk and sew it down to the page along the trunk and outer tips of the branches. This way you can weave the snake in and out.

The snake was made by sewing a circle of brown felt folded back and forth between two thin strips of felt. I inserted a ribbon at the end for a tongue. Before sewing together completely at the opposite end, I inserted a pipe cleaner to allow the snake to bend and keep it's shape. It was difficult to get the pipe cleaner past the frill, but I got it eventually. Sew on two black seed beads for the eyes.


Difficulty Level = Difficult

The snake was quite difficult as I wanted it to be thin - which made inserting the pipe cleaner hard. You could simplify it by leaving off the winged frill on the snake, using a small toy snake, or making this Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snake by Kids Activities instead. If I had found this idea before making the snake I might have saved myself a fair bit of bother.

Key Learning Areas and Skills

  • Genesis 3 - This page tells the story of how sin entered the world
  • Imaginative Play - our Adam and Eve like to play peek-a-boo
  • Press Studs - apples and Adam and Eve get held behind the bush for storage with press studs
  • Finger Puppets - your fingers are Adam and Eve's legs!
  • Peek-a-boo - lift the flap to discover fruit on the Tree of Life
  • Weaving - the snake can be woven through the branches of the tree of knowledge of good and evil
  • Fine Motor Skills - all quiet books encourage fine motor skill development
  • Hand-eye Co-ordination - all quiet books encourage hand-eye co-ordination

Eve giving Adam the apple...

Read the Chapter

Genesis 3


The first lie is still believed today. No-one wants to think they are going to die forever. The snake said "you shall not surely die" but God said "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life" (Romans 6:23). The gift is only given to the righteous. The dead know not anything (Ecclesiastes 9:5).

It is a misnomer that the righteous go to Heaven when they die. The righteous go to Heaven after the resurrection, when Jesus returns with His reward (Isaiah 40:10, Revelation 22:12). Heaven is not the reward - He is not bringing Heaven with Him. Eternal life is. Until then, Jesus refers to the dead as 'sleeping'. The belief in immediate Heaven and Hell following death entered the church with the conversion of Gentile (often Greek) people who brought their ideas from Greek mythology with them.

It would be unjust for punishment to precede judgement - and God will leave no avenue open for Satan to appeal against His justice system.

Adam and Eve - Song for the Kids

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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Pre-School Bible Class Song Activity - Felt Bible

The best Bible class I have taken Tahlia to when she was little was based almost entirely on songs and activities to go with the songs. It had a theme or story for each month and a box of items to go with each song. Children need repetition, and repeating the songs all month helped them learn the song and enjoy it.

This felt Bible has been hanging around the children's room at a church I recently visited for at least 20 years. No-one, not even the older ladies, could tell me where they came from - but they would be easy enough to make yourself. I think they may have been a kit purchase for people to cut out and put together themselves. If you know the company that produced them, please share your info!

They appear to be printed using the sublimation method to me, although the ink has rubbed off onto the other pages so perhaps not. But sublimation printing would definitely work if you did not want to paint/draw/sew a whole bunch by hand. Check out my post on affordable sublimation printing - Sublimation Printing on Felt - Test.

Alternatively you could use iron-on transfer paper and use images of your child's family. Putting Jesus there with all the other family members demonstrates to a child that He is an important member of their family.

This item was handed out to accompany the song Read your Bible, Pray Every Day. I'm sure you could adapt it to many other songs too, such as With Jesus in the Family, Happy Happy Home.

Children's Bible Songs has printable lyrics and guitar chords for Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day.

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