Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tahlia's Quiet Book - Teddy Page

Here is another page my Mum and I made for Tahlia's original quiet book. I am including the free template so you can make one for someone special too!

This teddy was originally a full teddy that my Mum designed and had her primary school craft class make.  We cut him off at the shoulders and put a ribbon to learn to tie around his neck. This is proving to be a challenging task, but one that has been of interest to Tahlia for quite a while now. She undoes the bow very quickly, and then pretends to do it back up. She watches carefully as someone does it up for her.

We also made his ears able to flap, which I am so happy about because Tahlia has found that she can play peek-a-boo by covering his eyes with his ears!!

Since I got the idea of making quiet books around the time of my friend's baby shower, I decided we should make her one at the party.................... Right.................... Probably not a good idea. Mum and I had to finish off a lot of pages. Actually we were making two of each page at that party since my friend's sister was also planning a baby. So, along with a few others, Mum and I made this page three times, phew!

The other teddies we made had blue and green eyes. Tahlia ended up with the pink ones because she was the only baby with a known sex at the time. They all ended up being girls though! Anyway, I'd like to teach her about having 'pink eye' and how to treat it with pretend eye drops. We could get some real imaginary play going on at the vet or doctor's clinic.

Materials needed to create the Teddy Quiet Book Page:

  • A4 felt background sheet in cream
  • felt scraps in tan
  • ribbon
  • black wool
  • black thread
  • two large buttons
  • my Mum's teddy template... Thanks Mum!

How to create the Teddy Quiet Book Page:

  • Cut out each ear twice and sew together to strengthen.
  • Cut a length of ribbon and burn the ends to stop it fraying.
  • Cut out the head and body section and pin in place with the ribbon and ears positioned underneath. Sew down.
  • Mum embroidered his mouth and nose for me with some black wool.
  • Attach the eyes with black thread.

All Done!