Thursday, 17 October 2019

Letter cutting hacks

When I made my first quiet book for Tahlia, as many people do I wrote her name on the front cover.

Tahlia's Quiet Book - Front Cover and First Page

I simply printed out a font with a computer, cut it up and pinned it on to use as a pattern to cut out my felt. Although cost effective, this method gets very tedious as you might imagine. So if you want to make things a little easier, then here are five methods to hack your way to perfectly cut felt:

1.  Scotch tape - 

Stick your pattern pieces down to stop them sliding all over the place while you cut them out. This method is brilliant for intricate details and wherever you don't want pin holes in special fabrics. 

I used the scotch tape method for my
Psalm 122 - Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Quiet Book Page

2.  Tracing - 

Use a marker (you can get air erasable ones) to draw on the felt so you can cut out your pieces without worrying about the pattern pieces at all.

I used the scotch tape method for my
Isaiah 53 - Messiah ben Joseph Quiet Book Page

3.  Freezer paper - 

Although this is expensive and difficult to find in Australia, this method may suit you. Find a tutorial on how to use this method by Oliver Rabbit here: How to Cut Perfect Shapes out of Wool Felt - The Freezer Paper Method.

4.  Die cutting -

This is a great method if you are doing a lot of lettering. Just put your die on top of your felt and put it through a cutting machine. All the edges are perfectly cut for you. I use the Lollipop Uppercase Alphabet Set with an Original Sizzix and it cuts well, even though thick felt. Because the font is so thin you only need to stitch once down the middle of the letters which is a great advantage compared to the original hand cut font on Tahlia's front cover.

I used the die cut method to make these number blocks

5.  Buying pre-cut felt letters - 

You can find packets of felt letter and numbers in dollar stores, craft stores and online - such as these (not an affiliate link). But be prepared to buy as many packets as you will need as you may only get a couple of each letter per pack.

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Which methods do you prefer? Do you have any other suggestions? Share them below in the comments.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

5 Awesome Kids Bible Resource Websites

Today I'd like to share five awesome Bible Resource Websites for children:

1.  My Little house

Image source

I love the free printable Bible 3D calendars and pictures available here. I plan on printing some of them on felt and turning them into quiet book pages. Didier Martin also makes wonderful printable toys and MiniWorlds, which can be put together to make a scene to inspire imaginary play.

2.  Gospel Hall

Image source

There are an ton, and I mean a tonne, of Children's Bible Activities, Crafts & Printable Games available on this website - and they are all free. You can print, make and take many of the activities to your Bible class or Sunday School. So many of these ideas are brilliant, excellent quality Bible class activities. I highly recommend this site, despite it's lack of picture appeal.

3.  Christian Preschool Printables

Image source

Whilst you do have to buy some of these resources, they do have many good quality ones available for free. There are colouring sheets, crafts, puzzles, games, MiniBooks, worksheets, holiday themed and file folder printables and even whole curriculums for download.

4.  Let The Little Children Come

Image source

This website is full of wonderful child evangelism tools that you can use to teach your children how to share their faith with others. This is such an important skill to develop in children to give them confidence and to learn to stand up for their beliefs.

5.  Bible Games Central

Image source

This website is all about conveying Bible truths through fun and captivating activities. You will find a variety of free games suited to all ages, and each one includes Bible lesson suggestions.

Let me know if you find these websites useful!

To get free ideas, tutorials and printable templates to make your own Bible quiet book pages for the children in your life:
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