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Psalm 122 - Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Quiet Book Page

Psalm 122 instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Memory Verse: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May those who love you be secure." Psalm 122:6 

Materials needed to create Abraham's Journey quiet book page:

  • A4 felt background sheet. I used tie dye felt. Peace man!
  • a second tie dye felt sheet or black soft felt
  • black stiffened felt
  • sticky/packing tape
  • sewing thread to match
  • black velcro dots
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • my free template (puzzle pieces only)
  • peace sign template available from Wee Folk Art
First cut your template pieces out and tape them onto your black stiffened felt. This is so that you don't puncture the felt with pins and so you can see where to cut as it is difficult to draw on felt in that much detail.

The next step depends on whether you have a second piece of tie dye felt or not (I didn't). If you do, you can eliminate some of the following - I'm sure you can work out which bits ;)

I sewed my peace sign down onto the middle of my tie dye sheet by the inside sections only. Do not sew the outside circle yet. This enabled me to cut out the peace sign and fill in the background space with black soft felt. I also sewed the peace sign to black soft felt around the outside edge and cut it out again. Now simply sew your peace sign back over the hole you cut it out from around the bottom half leaving the top half open to form a pocket.

Cut your velcro dots in half and hot glue the soft side to the outside rim of the peace sign in the middle of each quarter. Glue the scratchy half to each puzzle piece.


Difficulty Level = Intermediate

It will be easier if you have two sheets of the tie dye felt rather than trying to use one. I only had one and had no way of getting more.

The hardest part is getting motivation to cut out the menorah!

Be careful to glue the velcro dots on the correct side - unlike me who had to try to pull one off and re-glue it...

Key Learning Areas and Skills

  • Psalm 122 - This page teaches about the map of the Old City of Jerusalem in modern times and about how we are all connected to each other - when we harm others we harm ourselves
  • Puzzle Pieces - connect the puzzle pieces together
  • Fine Motor Skills - all quiet books encourage fine motor skill development
  • Hand-eye Co-ordination - all quiet books encourage hand-eye co-ordination

Read the Chapter

Psalm 122


For a city with a name which means "peaceful", Jerusalem sure doesn't see a lot of it.

This quiet book page is largely a play on words - pray for the peace / pieces of Jerusalem.

Nowadays, the old city of Jerusalem is quite literally divided into four quarters.

Image Source - Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Two of the quarters are Christian. The population of the Armenian quarter is Christian by faith, and Palestinian by race. Unfortunately many Christians believe that a Third Temple needs to be built - something that should be self evidently unnecessary in the Christian understanding of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. This is the result of misinterpreting Daniel 9 and the Parable of the Fig Tree in the Synoptic Gospels. By funding Israeli warfare (in the hope of bringing about the third temple and the millennial reign of Christ), many Christians are funding war against their own brothers and sisters. War should not be the aim of Christians. Jesus warns us about putting self above the needs of others and His love is and must be offered to all people, regardless of creed or descent.

We are all connected to each other, and when we harm others, we harm ourselves. It is for his own family's sake that the Psalmist wishes for peace.

I imagine Jerusalem will never achieve peace before the Second Coming, nevertheless it does need our prayers. But perhaps this verse is asking us to pray for the Kingdom. Perhaps we are asked to pray that the peace of Jerusalem to come will be present in our lives regardless of our circumstances. I pray this peace for you.

Paul Wilbur - Shalom Jerusalem

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