Friday, 6 May 2016

Campfire Birthday Cake

It was Tahlia's third birthday recently, and of course, I made a cake. I wasn't feeling very confident in my ability to make a glamorous kid's cake, so when I found a packet of mini marshmallows at the supermarket, I thought they would do to dump on the top for decorations.

With half an hour to spare, when I couldn't find the birthday cake candles in the cupboard, I desperately thought about what to use instead. Luckily for Tahlia, I thought of using tea light candles... and then, toasting marshmallows on them!

She has been talking on and on about camping lately, and taking her 'pak pak' (backpack) into the dining room to be unpacked for the latest camping adventure at the beach. So when I got this idea, I knew it was perfect.

We had an intimate birthday party - just Mummy, Daddy, and Tahlia. It's not the kind of idea suited to a large party, or one where the children outnumber the adults. And even then, you need to be very careful any time a flame is involved. Please be warned - I take no responsibility if things go wrong.

I put the extra marshmallows in a glass and added skewers to another beside the cake so we wouldn't need to destroy the cake in order to have fun. Putting your lollies and things in small containers such as glasses and individual dessert bowls helps to make a small amount look terrific when throwing a wee function.

Toasting the marshmallows also provided some great entertainment for us. Sometimes it is a little hard to create enough atmosphere, especially when there are not many people there, and they are people you see all the time. We had so much fun that we didn't want to cut the cake!!

This cake was so easy to decorate and provided so much fun, I hope it can be tolerated again in a few years time!

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