Monday, 18 April 2016

Placemat Game Boards

I enjoy playing a variety of board games, but it can be quite expensive buying them all. So, a few years ago I made these board games myself. I had visions of teaching my children how to play, but having no time to make the boards, so I got ready early... I love how there are so many different strategies to learn in so many different games. What may appear simple, might turn out to be a little more complicated than you originally thought.

Nine Men's Morris



You can find the rules for all these games and many others on the Masters Traditional Games website.

Out of these three, my favourite is Nine Men's Morris, but I had the most fun making the Brandub board.

Making your own board games is a great way to up-cycle old place mats. I chose ones with black or gold edging. You can buy plain MDF place mats from craft shops, but they are way more expensive than ones you can find in an op shop, and lack such imagination fueling features. For the Nine Men's Morris and Alquerque boards, I printed the board directly onto scrap-booking paper which I cut down to size to fit into my printer. The Brandub board has a scrap-booking paper background, but the squares are made from vinyl scraps. I used gold scrap-booking stickers to embellish the Alquerque board. Everything got stuck down with a couple of layers of Mod Podge. For the counters I used glass pebbles.

I am currently working on a not-really-quilted game board, so here's hoping it works out OK so I can share that with you too!

Tahlia surprised me the other day when we played a game of Carcassone with a friend. She did really well, and was able to participate (with a bit of help of course). So I'm looking forward to introducing her to these when the time comes.


  1. Love this! I am inspired now to make small (quilted) placemat game boards in the hopes of using them with grandchildren down the road. Thanks

    1. Lovely to hear! Would love to see them when they are done!


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