Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Easy Peasy Pocket Page 8"x8" Material Quiet Book

This page is so simple anyone can do it!

Materials needed to create the Easy Peasy Pocket Page for an 8"x8" material quiet book:

  • an old shirt with a chest pocket, preferably one that has a closure
  • a piece of paper to make an 8"x8" template

Make an 8"x8" template by marking 8" from the same edge at the top and bottom of a piece of paper. Line up your ruler and tear along it. Turn your paper onto the next edge to the left or right and do it again.

Place your template over a shirt pocket, lining it up so the pocket is in the center. Pin and cut it our. Don't worry if your piece has a small section of sleeve in one corner as this will get covered by binding when you sew the quiet book together. This is why your quiet book size can't be bigger than 8"x8", otherwise it might be difficult for you to find a shirt big enough. Although I guess you could add a border around the edge to make it wide enough to fit a bigger page size.

That's it!

I found a heap of old shirts at my local dump, where they give away clothes. It's also a great way to get interesting buttons and beads for free.

You can probably find a variety of pockets all with different closures, and make an entire book out of pockets recycled from old clothing.

Now, to fill them with fun activities....

  • tetris shapes made from stiffened felt
  • prism to catch the sunlight like this idea by Anne from Left Brain Craft Brain
  • a bead and fabric scrap dolly from the $2 shop
  • toy cars
  • a mirror
  • toy skateboard
  • coloured cellophane lolly wrappers to use as light filters to look through - don't get them wet though, or the colour will run and ruin your book
  • Simple puzzles using iron on transfers by Amy from Serving pink lemonade, or just print and laminate them
  • Printable lacing cards by Beck Clarke from busy Little Bugs
  • dominoes
  • a weaving rainbow by Mihaela from Best Toys for Toddlers
  • foam finger puppets from a $2 shop
  • a small slinky
  • a button snake by Jackie from happy hooligans
  • velcro cord ties from the harware section of a $2 shop to make a link chain with

The pocket on the left with pink edging came from one of my husband's old shirts that he wore a lot when we first met. It was my favourite, and I fixed it when it got a massive rip in the back and my husband kept wearing it! When he put it in the chuck out pile recently, I quickly saved it for this project.

Here's some more of my 8"x8" material pages:

The Easy Peasy Lei Flower Quiet Book Page.

Puzzle Quiet Book Page Swap.

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