Thursday, 14 February 2019

Re-labelled Baby Slogan Slippers

Pre-made baby slogans are often almost perfect, but they use the wrong names of endearment for your family.

For that reason, you can often pick things like this up quite cheaply at the end of the season because they don't suit anyone.

I have re-labelled these slippers so they fit my family. It was easy - you can do it too.

First I cut lengths of ribbon to cover the original names and melted the ends to prevent fraying. Then I hand sewed the letter beads onto the ribbon, securing each one individually. Next I attached the ribbon to the shoes with a little bit of hand sewing and a whole lot of hot glue. Sewing them in place is important if the gift is for a baby. A present that a baby ends up choking on is not a good gift.


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