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Isaiah 25 - God Will Wipe Away Our Tears Bible Quiet Book Page

Isaiah 25 looks forward to the time when the troubles of this world are over and God will take the time to comfort us and wipe away all our tears.

Memory Verse: “He will swallow up death forever,
And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces;
The rebuke of His people
He will take away from all the earth;
For the Lord has spoken." Isaiah 25:8.

Materials needed to create the God Will Wipe Away Our Tears quiet book page:

  • A4 felt background sheet. I used maroon.
  • white handkerchief
  • patterned felt and plain felt in a similar colour
  • wide translucent ribbon
  • matching thread colours
  • God Will Wipe Away Our Tears template
Start by using your template to cut out a piece of the patterned felt including the hole at the top. Pin this to the similar coloured felt and stitch it down around the outside and the hole. Cut it out including the hole.

Cut two lengeths of ribbon to reach across and past both edges the longest section of the tissue box. Melt the ends of the ribbon with a match to prevent fraying.

Pin the ribbon in position on top of the tissue box and sew them down. Fold the longer ends of the ribbon underneath the tissue box before pinning it to the background page and sewing it down around the outside edge only. Leave the hole open to allow you to fold and place the handkerchief inside.


Difficulty Level = Easy.

This is a very basic page.

Key Learning Areas and Skills

  • Isaiah 25 - God cares about the tears we cry
  • Imaginative Play - pulling tissues out of a box is a pretty exciting thing to do for a toddler -then you can wipe everyone's tears with it too
  • Pulling - pull the tissue out of the box
  • Folding - older children can learn to fold the handkerchief so it fits nicely back into the tissue box
  • Tucking - tuck the folded handkerchief back into the tissue box
  • Touch and Feel - if you use a handkerchief edged with lace, it will provide sensory stimulation through varied textures
  • Fine Motor Skills - all quiet books encourage fine motor skill development
  • Hand-eye Co-ordination - all quiet books encourage hand-eye co-ordination

Read the Chapter

Isaiah 25


Wiping someone else's tears is rather personal. Our God loves to have a personal relationship with each of us. He often makes me laugh. He gets my sense of humour and He knows which verse to show me when I am feeling down in the dumps.

Sometimes you can't tell a soul in the world what you are going through or what is gnawing away at your peace of mind. But you can trust these secrets to the One who gave you life. 

There is a saying "If you love something, set it free; if it comes back to you it is yours". He cared enough to create you, He cared enough to give you freedom, He cared enough to come rescue you. It's up to you if you want to return to Him and allow Him to wipe your tears and restore your status.

God Shall Wipe All Tears Away

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Is there anyone who wipes your tears? Let them know they are appreciated.


  1. What a lovely idea. I like that it involves imaginative play, too!

  2. This is a great lesson and fun activity. Thanks for sharing!


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