Monday, 21 August 2017

Back to School - Stick Icy Pole Sleeves Tutorial

Welcome to my back to school project for the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop!

I made some cute and handy stick icy pole sleeves. I remember coming home from school and sitting on the couch at home looking out the window on our back yard eating icy poles. Summer enticed me into it. Generally I don't enjoy eating cold things like ice cream, but icy poles were different because you could bite it through the plastic and your teeth had a little bit of protection. Now your hands do too!

Materials needed to create the Stick Icy Pole Sleeves:

  • polar fleece scrap, 4.5" x 7" per stick icy pole sleeve - I used white
  • minky scrap 4.5" x 6" per stick icy pole sleeve - I used zig-zag and pink
  • and just in case you are lazy like me, I made a printable template you can use

First cut out your pieces and pin them right sides together along the shorter top edge, leaving a generous seam allowance. Sew using a straight stitch or a very slight zig-zag stitch (which is recommended for some machines when sewing stretch fabrics).

Next, pin and sew along the sides to form a tube, leaving a normal amount (1/4") seam allowance. Ensure you pin and keep the seam allowance of your previous stitch turned back on itself to reduce bulk when sewing. Please excuse the party blower that Tahlia insisted on putting in the photo. She thought it was hilarious.

After that, turn your tube starting at the polar fleece end (very important) so that wrong sides are together (very important).

Pin across the cut edge (not the folded edge). Make sure that the polar fleece seem and the minky seam are matched together in the middle of the edge and that the seam allowance is once again folded back against itself to reduce bulk. Sew in place.

Clip the corners.

Then turn inside out. You can use a ruler to help push the ends out properly.

Enjoy your hands-freeze-free stick icy poles!

This project is brought to you as part of the #sewmuchfunbloghop - visit the links below to find out what other Back to School Projects everyone has come up with.

You can also find a lovely array of Christian themed quilt patterns throughout her website.


  1. This is one of those, slap myself on the side of the head and say "Now, why didn't I think of that?" I wish I would have thought of these this summer. They would have come in handy. Thanks for working out all of the kinks and now I can just make some.

  2. No problem Karen, thanks for stopping by!


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